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Introduction of Lab

Introduction of Lab

Energy Modeling and Sustainable Energy Systems(EmSES) research group with the aim of modeling energy systems for developing knowledge and technology for modeling and planning of sustainable energy systems for promoting the share of renewable energy in national energy systems in all aspects of energy demand.

In this laboratory, the transition of national, regional, and provincial energy systems are modeled and the effects of different economic, social and policy changes on the stability of energy systems are analyzed.

On a local scale for all types of energy consumers the energy consumption are analyzed and sustainability of energy systems are analyzed from the standpoint of energy costs, emission and effects on global warming. EmSES Lab tries to model and analyze the integration of renewable energy in energy systems of the country under different policy conditions and provides comprehensive information for the energy sector's decision makers.

In this laboratory, interdisciplinary research topics including:

  • Technical and economic feasibility of new energy development projects at the national, provincial, urban and institutional levels

  • Analysis of energy systems including electrical, thermal, agricultural and transportation energy

  • Modeling and forecasting the supply of energy resources, including renewable and non-renewable energies

  • Evaluation of energy sources  such as  wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and marine, oil and gas and coal

  • Atlas of renewable energy sources in Iran to meet the technical requirements of the industrial and administrative part of the country

  • Provide Atlas and Potential Resources of the Renewable Energy of the province

  • Modeling and analyzing greenhouse gas emissions and its effects on global warming independently or jointly with other laboratories

  • Training of human resources in all fields of modeling and analyzing energy systems,

  • Development and implementation of various tools for modeling and analyzing energy systems

  • Providing tools for analyzing energy systems

  • Fundamental and applied research on modeling the sustainable development of energy systems

  • Modeling of energy systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Helping to upgrade the level of country modeling technology and educating researchers in this field